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  • Bacardi Limitada Gran Reserva 1 Liter


    De Bacardi Edicion Limitada en een blend van oudere en jongere rumsoorten die elkaar perfect aanvullen.
    De oudere rumsoorten zorgen voor die typische houttonen, gedroogd fruit en butterscotch terwijl de jongere rumsoorten voor
    de lichthei en tropisch fruit zorgen welke deze rum mooi in balans brengt.



  • Mortlach special release ’23


    Mortlach “The katana’s edge” is part of the special releases set of 2023 by Diageo. This beast of Dufftown is one on its own. The combination of both ex-Pinot Noir and Japanese ex-Kanusoke whisky casks makes this whisky a full bodied beast
    full of fruit and chocolate. Plum and spice are followed by black fruits accompanied with the structure of the Pinot cask. A delightfull and special whisky.

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    • 58% / 70cl

  • WhiskyDudes 7th release Invergordon 1986-2022, 36y, Tawny Port Quarter Cask




  • WhiskyDudes Glenrothes 11y #8 2024


    A 11-year-old Glenrothes, which had a final maturation for over 2 years on a fresh Oloroso quarter cask. Wow, what a 1970’s sherry aroma. Very mellow with figs, prunes, strawberry – topped off with whipped cream. Old leather. A little wine acidity, red grapes. Saturne peach. This is going to be a treat. The Oloroso influence is clearly present in the taste. Sultana raisins, blood orange and chocolate. Crushed black peppercorns. Quite floral, rose petals. Maybe even some perfume? Lovely. The finish is long lasting, very sticky. Lots of caramel. And even a bit tingling like sipping aqua mineral. What a great catch once more. And with 62.4% it likes a brawl!
    Only 143 bottles available.

  • WhiskyDudes Highland Park 6y #8 2024


    Ready the cannons! This interesting 6-year-old from the Highland Park distillery won’t let you have a dull moment. It may be young, but again a Whiskydudes Highland Park punching way beyond its age! Initially laid to rest in a refill hogshead – followed by a 27-month maturation in a Tawny Port quarter cask. Wowie, what a tropical surprise! Mango, dragon fruit, combined with a pinch of sea salt. A whiff of smoke. Seaweed. But surely some raisins as well, must be the tawny port! While sipping caramel, prunes, red apple, and milk chocolate. Very gentle peat. The latter elevated by more sea salt. Even whilst diluted back to 60.0% this youngster does have serious firing power! A must-try for those who like young and vibrant whiskies. The finish carries some white pepper, herbal grassiness,
    Only 161 bottles available

  • WhiskyDudes Invergordon 37y #8 2024


    Another 80’s appearance. Another golden oldie. Literally. This wonderful 37-year-old Invergordon once again steals the show. Single grain and pure elegance.
    Very subtle in the nose. Oranges. Sticky caramel. A little furniture polish or chalky paint? Lychee and caramelized sugar. What a gentle giant, very mellow. Someone got a spoon? Very thick and treacly.
    On the palate; after eight chocolates. Blood orange, even more so than Valencia oranges. Apricots. And a variety of nuts. Cane sugar. Like any old grain this Invergordon gets even better with time – give it to her.
    The finish is everlasting long. Sweet with a little touch of pepper. Immensely complex, yet very accessible to those who are new to Single Grains. Words cannot describe what an experience a 37-year-old
    single grain gives.
    Only 203 bottles available, -well, 202 now-, so get it while it lasts. A true delicacy

  • Fettercairn 16 Jaar 2st Release 2021


    De 16 jarige Fettercairn is een luxe en tegelijkertijd een experimentele single malt whisky. Deze whisky is gelagerd op unieke first fill Oloroso, 2nd Fill Oloroso en zeer speciaal  fust, een Palo Cortado Sherry Butt.

    Naast het traditionele gebruik van koperen ketels, plaatste men ook een ring bovenaan de ketels waar gekoeld water uit vloeit. Deze koelt de ketels nog harder af tijdens het distilleren waardoor het proces vertraagd wordt, maar de uiteindelijke spirit nog fijner is van smaak.

  • Glengoyne aged 25 years (2021 edition)


    Glengoyne breidde begin 2014 zijn range uit met een 25 jaar oude whisky. Hij is volledig gerijpt op handgeselecteerde sherryvaten van Europees eikenhout. De whisky werd un-chill filtered gebotteld op een hoger alcohol gehalte van 48%. Deze zeer exclusieve maar verfijnde dram komt in een mooie eikenhouten kist. 25 Years Old. Deze whisky heeft inmiddels al een aantal prestigieuze awards in de wacht gesleept.

    Tastingnotes Serge Valentin,, 91 punten.
    Glengoyne 25 yo (48%, OB) Five stars All ex-sherry, so we may expect something bold. Colour: deep amber. Nose: old style, old quality, this is good oldness. It is a rather smoky sherry, with some burnt matches and quite some used gunpowder, and I firmly believe those noses are assets to this style. Then our famous Christmas cakes, dried figs and raisins, the slightest touch of ginger and caraway, certainly cloves and oranges, tobacco, some black nougat, some chocolate, whiffs of mint… So yes, this is super-classic sherried malt whisky. Some Macallans of old spring to my mind. Mouth: 48% is a strength that works very well. It’s less smooth and rounded than expected – but I wouldn’t say it’s brutal of course – and rather on dark chocolate, coffee, and bitter oranges. A touch of Schweppes as well, quinine, then not-too-sweet black raisins and our beloved Christmas cake yet again. The ginger and nutmeg in the background hint at some pretty active oak. Finish: long and very chocolaty. More spicy marmalade in the aftertaste. Comments: a rich yet balanced baby, impeccable. Not many distilleries are still making this style in relatively large batches (I’m looking at you, M.!) SGP:562 – 91 points.

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    • 48% / 70cl

  • Penderyn Portwood


    Een Single malt whisky uit Wales die eerst heeft mogen rijpen in ex bourbon vaten en daarna een finish heeft gehad in ex port vaten.

  • Milk & Honey ELEMENTS Single Malt Sherry


    De Elements-serie van de Milk & Honey Distillery uit Israël, vertelt een verhaal over de zorgvuldige selectie van vaten door de M&H master distiller. Elke whisky in de Elements serie heeft een ander vat element dat de whisky naar een nieuw smaakniveau brengt.

    Deze Elements Sherry is de allereerste single malt whisky die is gerijpt in koosjere sherryvaten, exclusief voor de M&H Distillery – rechtstreeks uit Jerez.
    Bourbon-, Oloroso- en PX-sherryvaten kenmerken de fruitige smaken, rijke aroma’s, met een speciale diepe maar natuurlijke kleur. Gerijpt onder de zon van Tel Aviv.