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WhiskyDudes Glenrothes 11y #8 2024


A 11-year-old Glenrothes, which had a final maturation for over 2 years on a fresh Oloroso quarter cask. Wow, what a 1970’s sherry aroma. Very mellow with figs, prunes, strawberry – topped off with whipped cream. Old leather. A little wine acidity, red grapes. Saturne peach. This is going to be a treat. The Oloroso influence is clearly present in the taste. Sultana raisins, blood orange and chocolate. Crushed black peppercorns. Quite floral, rose petals. Maybe even some perfume? Lovely. The finish is long lasting, very sticky. Lots of caramel. And even a bit tingling like sipping aqua mineral. What a great catch once more. And with 62.4% it likes a brawl!
Only 143 bottles available.

Op vooraad

Op vooraad


Kleur: Donker bruin Mahonie
Geur: delicaat jaren 70-whisky sherrytoon, kruidig en rozijnen
Smaak: Erg zacht, vijgen, pruimen, aardbei, perzik, abrikozen en diverse noten. Mooi zuurtje en de oloroso invloed zorgt voor de Sultana rozijnen, bloedsinaasappel en chocolade.
Afdronk: Mooie plakkerige en lange afdronk veel caramel.


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