By Wijnhuis Den Boer Since 1885


WhiskyDudes Invergordon 37y #8 2024


Another 80’s appearance. Another golden oldie. Literally. This wonderful 37-year-old Invergordon once again steals the show. Single grain and pure elegance.
Very subtle in the nose. Oranges. Sticky caramel. A little furniture polish or chalky paint? Lychee and caramelized sugar. What a gentle giant, very mellow. Someone got a spoon? Very thick and treacly.
On the palate; after eight chocolates. Blood orange, even more so than Valencia oranges. Apricots. And a variety of nuts. Cane sugar. Like any old grain this Invergordon gets even better with time – give it to her.
The finish is everlasting long. Sweet with a little touch of pepper. Immensely complex, yet very accessible to those who are new to Single Grains. Words cannot describe what an experience a 37-year-old
single grain gives.
Only 203 bottles available, -well, 202 now-, so get it while it lasts. A true delicacy

Op vooraad

Op vooraad


Kleur: Donker bruin met goud randje
Geur: Subtiel in de neus, sinaasappel, karamel, boenwas, vochtige kalkverf.
Smaak: Chocolade mint, bloedsinaasappel, abrikozen en diverse noten. De smaak ontwikkeld zich naar mate het glas leger wordt.
Afdronk: Meer dan lang