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WhiskyDudes Port Dundas 13y #8 2024


This beautiful 13-year-old Port Dundas has been resting on a refill hogshead for most of its life, until finally being transferred into a Pedro Ximenez quarter cask for a final 2-year maturation. A whiff of caramel fudge and Valencia oranges. Obviously, typical grain elements, such as pine tree and a subtle glue note. Unusual complex for a young single grain, waa-zoo! Wine acidity adds an interesting layer of depth. Honey and mowed grass. On the palate one will find some woodiness of the refill hogshead. Brown sugar. Mexican guajillo peppers. The orange notes persist but are now accompanied by sea salt and chocolate. In the aftertaste a minty freshness is followed by the continuation of chocolate richness and marzipan sweetness, most definitely due influence of the Pedro Ximenez QC. What a superbe single grain, elegant yet vibrant
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Op vooraad


Kleur: Zeer donkerbruin en intens
Geur: Karamel Fudge, valencia Sinaasappels, typische grain geur van dennennaalden en “lijm” geur.
Smaak: Complexe smaak die je niet verwacht bij een grainwhisky honing en vers gemaaid gras, eiken, basterdsuiker, mexicaanse pepers en sinaasappel in combinatie met zeezout en chocolade.
Afdronk: Een mintachtige frisheid gevolgd door chocolade en zoetheid van marsepein door de invloed van de PX


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