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WhiskyDudes Linkwood 14y #8 2024


Yummm, one of those distilleries that’s pure class but still relatively affordable (if you look in the right places, -hint: us!-). 14 years of age this Linkwood expression is. 14 years that gave this beauty all it needs. On the nose the typical distillery profile is clearly recognizable: grassiness, cooked vegetables and slightly herbal. It makes me want to mow the lawn! The grassiness is offset by fresh lime, icing sugar and whipped cream. Lots of tropical fruits like mango, papaya, and guava. The hints of lime continue while tasting. Some wood of the cask is definitely present also. Next to the Szechuan pepper and anise. Lots to explore in this tasty Linkwood. The finish is long and remains very fruity. And obviously still herbal. Fresh mint. Linkwood might not be the most appealing distillery – after all, Linkwood is mainly produced for the Johnny Walker, but it surely produces some high-quality whisky. Anyone seen my lawn mower? Brrrzzzz!
Only 92 bottles available


Op vooraad

Op vooraad


Kleur: Mooie bruin koperen kleur
Geur: Fris, groenig, licht kruidig, lime en poedersuiker. Veel tropische vruchten als mango, papaja en guave
Smaak: De lime komt komt ook goed door in de smaak. Eikenhout is absoluut aanwezig in de smaak in combinatie met peper en anijs.
Afdronk: Is lang en erg fruitig met verse munt.



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