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Chivas Regal Royal Salute 21yo – Lunar New Year Special Edition 2023.


This special edition features a stunning array of symbolic elements including lanterns, firecrackers and plum blossoms, to bring you and your family fortune and prosperity in the coming year. Housed in a beautifully hand-crafted ruby flagon, our iconic 21-Year-Old Signature Blend is bursting with flavours of ripe fruits, autumn flowers, hazelnuts and a hint of sherry spice. Ignite the New Year with the perfect gift to bring your celebrations to life.

The Artist

This year Royal Salute partnered with multi-award-winning Chinese illustrator, Feifei Ruan, to interpret the ‘Ignite the New Year’ concept.
Born in Shenzhen and now based in New York, Feifei has gained global recognition for her enchanting visual storytelling with a style that combines fantasy, traditional sketching and vibrant colour.

The Design
Inspired by Lunar New Year celebrations as well as Royal Salute’s rich heritage, Feifei’s design is a fusion of East and West, emulating the explosion of colours and sounds surrounding this exciting time of year.

Op vooraad

Op vooraad


Kleur: Goud
Neus: Rijk en fruitig met tonen van rode appels en perziken, gecombineerd met romige crème brulée, hazelnootchocolade, sinaasappelschil en uitgesproken bloemige noten.
Smaak: Rijk en zoet met heerlijke tonen van abrikoos en mango, gevolgd door vanille, chocolade en gemberkruiden.