By Wijnhuis Den Boer Since 1885


The singleton of Glendullan special release ’23


The Singleton of Glendullan “The silken gown” is part of the Diageo special releases serie of 2023. This beautiful whisky has notes of butterscotch and a nice and creamy texture. The white Burgundy casks adds struture to this beautifull 14y old whisky.

Niet voorradig

Niet voorradig


Color: Pale brown
: Green and grassy notes change in to cereal and vanille. Fruity notes of Peach and abricot. Creamy on the palet with a buttery touch.
Taste: Lots of layers. Spicyness (pepper), creamy and buttery. Orchard fruit, citrus and butterscotch.
Finish: Little bit tannic, orchard fruit and salted caramel.