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Lagavullin 12y special release’23


The Lagavullin 12y old “The ink of legends” is part of the special releases set from Diageo from 2023. This big and bold Lagavullin is everything you can expect from this distillery. The tequila finish gives this whisky some sweet notes as well the earthyness that combines really wel with the peat and maritime notes.

Niet voorradig

Niet voorradig


Color: Pale brown.
Nose: Meaty and maratime as you might expect. The typical bonfire flows through your nostrals like a warm summer breeze. Sweet barbecue and complexity.
Taste: a full bodied Lagavullin. The earthy smoke notes come after the first sweet wave of flavours. Just a little salt at the end.
Finish: Long, spicy and sweet.