By Wijnhuis Den Boer Since 1885


Roseisle 12y speciale release ’23


The Roseisle 12y “The origami kite” is part of the special releases 2023 series from Deagio.The Roseisle distillery is rarely seen in a distillery botteling wich makes it even more facinating.Their speyside autograph is found in the taste wich gives that typcical sweetness. The sweetness combined with the soft notes of the bourbon barrels makes this whisky suprisingly gentle.

Niet voorradig

Niet voorradig


Color: Amber
Nose: Fruit and vanilla combined with waxiness. Wood influenced nose along with caramel and yuzi.
Taste: Nuts and spices come in first. Slightly oiled this whisky develops in the glass to a typical speysider. Sweet apples, honey and butter.
Finish: Long and sweet.